Exploring Hawaii County's 800+ page Budget

Last week Thursday we (The Hawaii County Council) spent over nine hours in trying to deal with the budget.

That version of that budget was for approximately $585 million; about 7% reduction from the initial budget of $626 million.

I had proposed an approximately $14 million of budget reduction/cash flow management that would take our budget proposal to approximately $571 million.

This would have gotten us close to a 10% reduction but I was concerned still not enough. Nationally most jurisdictions are cutting between 15 and 20%.

The State of Hawaii is forecasting a $2.3 billion/15% cut.  Sadly, I could not get any budget cuts put through. So with this in mind, I voted against the budget as well as against the tax hike that was put forth.

If you'd like a video on this in more detail, shoot us a message.

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