Look who is endorsing Tims Campaign for the Hawaii County Council, District 9

I'm honored and humbled to be endorsed again by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Hawaii (JCCIH)






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Hawaii County Opens Swimming Pools

County of Hawai‘i Announces Reopening of Swimming Pools

The County of Hawai‘i will reopen several swimming pools around the island beginning the week of Monday, July 13. All pools will operate on modified schedules with interim rules and use procedures in place.

The following pools will each provide 45-minute time slots for individual lap swimming at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. on a first-come, first-served basis on the assigned days.

• Charles “Sparky” Kawamoto Swim Stadium [961-8698]

• Pahoa Community Aquatic Center [965-2700]

• Kona Community Aquatic Center “KCAC” [327-3500]

• Konawaena Swimming Pool [323-3252]

• Kohala Swimming Pool [889-6933]

• Pāhala Swimming Pool [928-8177]

The County will continue to evaluate sanitization procedures as well as the adherence to modified pool rules to ensure the safety of staff and swimmers. Available days/hours may be expanded in the coming weeks provided COVID-19 public health conditions and other variables are amenable to such.

Honoka‘a Swimming Pool will remain closed due to active construction work. NAS Swimming Pool, which is currently the site of the Hale Hanakahi Shelter program, will remain closed. Laupāhoehoe Swimming Pool will reopen later upon resolution of recurring water clarity issues, which are being addressed.

The COVID-19 Modified Pool Rules will be posted at each facility.

For more information contact the Department of Parks and Recreation Aquatics Section at 961-8740.

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Okay, so #REALTALK: how many times have you been frustrated by our County Government (Hint happens to me often). And how many times have you wished that you could improve Hawaii Island for the future?

Let me fill you in on a little low-down dirty secret that most people don't realize: the real reason frustration with Government is actually happening is...some politicians get elected with no real skills, no idea how to lead, or manage cash flow or balance budgets or even craft a good law. They are full of passion and excitement but that's not enough, you need fiscal responsibility, leadership, you need someone to take the hard positions and ask the questions no one wants to answer.

In my work with the Hawaii County Council, I discovered this is not only to be true, but to be painfully, heart-wrenchingly, cramp-in-your calf--all-day-long kind of true. But the thing is, some of our elected leaders have no idea. Even if the ones who do have no idea how to fix it.

So-drum roll- this is exactly why I'm running for re-election to the Hawaii County Council, District 9 - and why I hope you'll join me as part of #TeamTim and write an endorsement of why you support me.
Together, we'll rock this vote, and Hawaii:

Design a sustainable tourism industry that provides balance for our communities...
Bring balance to our economy that provides green growth and a sustainable, secure future for our keiki...
We'll lead Hawaii back together, it's not me, it's we!

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Candidate Forum by the Waimea Community Association

Waimea Community Association Hosts Candidate Forum for Hawaii County Council District 9 and 1.







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Exploring Hawaii County's 800+ page Budget

Last week Thursday we (The Hawaii County Council) spent over nine hours in trying to deal with the budget.

That version of that budget was for approximately $585 million; about 7% reduction from the initial budget of $626 million.

I had proposed an approximately $14 million of budget reduction/cash flow management that would take our budget proposal to approximately $571 million.

This would have gotten us close to a 10% reduction but I was concerned still not enough. Nationally most jurisdictions are cutting between 15 and 20%.

The State of Hawaii is forecasting a $2.3 billion/15% cut.  Sadly, I could not get any budget cuts put through. So with this in mind, I voted against the budget as well as against the tax hike that was put forth.

If you'd like a video on this in more detail, shoot us a message.

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