I wanted to reach out to you and your Ohana in these modern times. We don't know precisely how our economies and way of life will change, but we do know we will come out of this crisis more resilient. Please join me in voting for- Tim Richards- a sixth-generation ka'maaina, with historic standing ties to District 9 and a deep understanding of community. He has been passionate about sustainability and self-reliance, long before it was fashionable, focusing on agriculture, clean energy, and diversification. He has been a consistent advocate for fiscal responsibility and accountability to help shield the most vulnerable people and revitalize the economy. This election is decided in the PRIMARY! Now is the time to pivot and capitalize on the positive with leadership and experience.

Mahalo, Friends of Friends of Tim Richards






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Aug 07, 2020

What is BRIDGES?

Many have asked what is BRIDGES? BRIDGES is a concept created by Rancher and accidental politician, Councilman Herbert "Tim" Bridges to maintain local ag production. He always thinks about agriculture, putting people, and community FIRST.

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