We deserve a stronger Hawaii; Now and for the future of our Keiki!


Okay, so #REALTALK: how many times have you been frustrated by our County Government (Hint happens to me often). And how many times have you wished that you could improve Hawaii Island for the future?

Let me fill you in on a little low-down dirty secret that most people don't realize: the real reason frustration with Government is actually happening is...some politicians get elected with no real skills, no idea how to lead, or manage cash flow or balance budgets or even craft a good law. They are full of passion and excitement but that's not enough, you need fiscal responsibility, leadership, you need someone to take the hard positions and ask the questions no one wants to answer.

In my work with the Hawaii County Council, I discovered this is not only to be true, but to be painfully, heart-wrenchingly, cramp-in-your calf--all-day-long kind of true. But the thing is, some of our elected leaders have no idea. Even if the ones who do have no idea how to fix it.

So-drum roll- this is exactly why I'm running for election to the Hawaii State Senate, District 4 - and why I hope you'll join me as part of #TeamTim and write an endorsement of why you support me.
Together, we'll rock this vote, and Hawaii:

Design a sustainable tourism industry that provides balance for our communities..
Bring balance to our economy that provides green growth and a sustainable, secure future for our keiki...
We'll lead Hawaii back together, it's not me, it's we!



My top two Initiatives are Agriculture and Affordable Housing. Both play their part In contributing to our counties greatest need, a thriving Economy. A strong economy will afford us the resources that we can then take care of our people; jobs, opportunity, healthcare, and housing. The COVID-19 episode has highlighted the need for having increased food security and a more resilient economy. In recent times, 40% of our county economy was tourism. We now have a rare opportunity to re-define our economy and re-design tourism for our county. I firmly believe agriculture can and should be a keystone in our economy. Recognizing that all of these facets and needs are interrelated is critical.



Housing; Affordable and Attainable

Attainable housing is vital to agriculture's success in Hawaii, workforce labor must have affordable homes. We cannot meet our 2050 Goals or increase our food production without affordable, attainable housing.






The State of Hawaii spent $5.7 billion on oil in 2015, much of it used to generate electricity. Burning oil generates approximately 75 percent of our electricity statewide – the highest percentage of oil used to power a state in the nation. It’s time to take action for the sake of the environment and our future.
Hawaii County has access to vast renewable energy resources – wind, sun, and ocean currents – if developed responsibly, these cleaner new-generation energy alternatives will lead to a more self-reliant and stronger Hawaii County.




Approximately two months ago I put forth an agriculture support program called “BRIDGES“ that kept the agriculture economy functioning while seeking food for our community. This program is running exceedingly well. The next step is to expand these programs. Again, this ties back to my “Agriculture, Water, and Energy; A Food Nexus” initiative.






The economy. We lost 40% of it with the COVID-19 economic shut down when we lost all of tourism. Unemployment is staggering, And unemployment benefits and support are running out. People are out of work with no cash flow and need to be able to afford the basics; food, rent, healthcare. My platform is simple but consistent—agriculture, affordable housing, with the overarching concern for the economy.





Thirty Meter Telescope - TMT

TMT has been a polarizing episode in our County and state's history. Many of us have friends and family on both sides of the issue. With any decision that affects so many I, without fail, try to seek the balance between the Culture, the Environment, and the Economy. I believe our greater community is trying to do the same. As we collectively move forward, it is my hope that all sides remain mindful and respectful of each other's beliefs and opinions.