I just wanted to pop in (hi!) and mention that even though I'm jamming out to some Country music and making tons of promises to stop drinking so much coffee, I'm also working on my campaign. 

Bottom very line is this: I want you on my team (#TeamTim). I’m also charmingly wiggling my eyebrows around right now if that’ll help persuade you. 

Here’s the scoop:

  • I’m doing this: because I need your support.
  • You can help elect someone (me, Shu-Shu ) who can ameliorate the situation we find ourselves in (to make better, to improve to meliorate).
  • Since you're the gal/guy in the know, I wanted to ask you: Would you endorse me in my bid for re-election to the Hawaii County Council? Since I know you’re a busy son of a gun (or possibly a busy son of a sword?), here’s a ready-made endorsement page.
  • And if it isn’t a good fit, that's okay. Feel free to join Team Tim for weekly campaign digest.
    P.S. By the way? I know this is asking a lot but I value you as a member of this community and appreciate your support and consideration. 

With my Appreciation, 


I'm endorsing Tim Richards- a sixth-generation ka'maaina, with historic standing ties to District 9 and a deep understanding of community. He has been passionate about sustainability and self-reliance, long before it was fashionable, focusing on agriculture, clean energy, and diversification. He has been a consistent advocate for fiscal responsibility and accountability to help shield the most vulnerable people and revitalize our economy. 

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Jasa Bongkar Bangunan Surabaya
Garry Nicole
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