My Priorities for Our Community

Agriculture  |  Affordable Housing Economy

We must become more self-reliant. In doing so, we become more self-sufficient, which translates to a sustainable and healthier community.

The following areas are inter-related and should not be viewed as independent of each other. Each plays off each other, and when brought together, these target areas create a future of greater success.

Environmental - Cultural - Economics = Synergy

My vision for Hawaii Island;

- Ignite the agriculture industry to power our local economy
- Develop renewable energy options for Big Island
- Update our infrastructure
- Responsibly manage and steward our land
- Take care of our homeless neighbors
- Spark economic growth

Through collaborative partnerships with all in our community, Tim brings everyone together – especially those who have no seat at the table. As an island in the middle of the Pacific, we must become more “self-reliant” and united as one Hawaii Island.

Read more on my Agriculture & Food Nexus plan here.

Together we will create a more reliable and more sustainable Hawaii Island.